Vendor Information

If you are an outside vendor, wishing to submit an invoice to UNM for payment, please email the invoice to for fastest service. Or, please mail your invoice to the following address:

University of New Mexico
Accounts Payable Department
P.O. Box 4548
Albuquerque, NM 87196-4548

  • Never perform services or sell goods to a University department* unless you have a Purchase Order from the Purchasing Department (unless you're going to be paid by PCard – the University's credit card).
  • E-Mail your invoice directly to the address above
  • Accounts Payable will e-mail a scanned image of your invoice to the department contact listed on your Purchase Order.
  • Include the following elements on your invoice:
    1. the Purchase Order Number,
    2. a unique Invoice Number,
    3. the Invoice Date,
    4. show a Bill to: address as: University of New Mexico, Accounts Payable Dept., PO Box 4548, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4548.
    5. show a Sold to: address as: the UNM department that requested the goods or services, with a contact name and phone number.
    6. an itemized list of the goods or services sold with prices extended, shipping and sales tax added (if applicable),
    7. the total amount due, and
    8. your Company's Name and Remittance Address (including City, State and Zip Code).
  • Invoice should be a clean computer printed copy, no handwritten information.

If the Purchase Order number is missing, the invoice will be returned to you. Accounts Payable cannot process an invoice without the Purchase Order Number. If elements 2** or 3 are missing, the invoice will likely be paid but it may cause a delay in processing time due to additional research required to avoid duplicate payment. If elements 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 are missing, the invoice will be returned to you requesting the additional information.

Payment terms listed on the Purchase Order are typically "net 30 days" from UNM's receipt of your goods or services OR receipt of your invoice in the Accounts Payable Department, whichever is later. When you accept UNM's Purchase Order, you are accepting these payment terms. If different terms are required, please negotiate them with the Purchasing Department Buyer prior to the Purchase Order being issued.

We accept invoices by fax at (505) 277-1028 or email at For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at our main number (505) 277-2014 or the e-mail address listed above.

*Exceptions include the General Library and Book Store.

**Providing UNM with a unique invoice number is a preferred requirement by UNM auditors.

NOTE:  When submitting your invoice for payment, the UNM Purchase Order Number must be indicated on your invoice or we will be unable to process the invoice.

University of New Mexico Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

For information on how to set up direct deposit for a vendor,
please send an email to

Tax Exemption Notice

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