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Frequently Asked Questions

Picking up checks at the Accounts Payable office is generally not permitted as this is a violation of policy and internal controls established by the University. Policy requires that Accounts Payable mail all disbursements directly to the payee's home or business address. On occasion, however, it may be necessary to deliver the check in person and/or include items which can not be attached to the original payment request. Under limited circumstances, a check may be "Picked up" by the department initiating payment. Outside vendors are not allowed to pick up checks.

There are two steps in picking up a check: first, the invoice must be flagged for special handling, second, permission must be granted by Accounts Payable.

To flag a payment initiated on a Chrome River Expense Report for pick up, choose Check Pickup Request in the Special Handling field of the Chrome River Header Record. You will also need to select Override Direct Deposit, Issue Check on your Chrome River Document. You must also fill in a business purpose in the Business Purpose for Check Pickup field provided.

For a PO invoice to be submitted to Accounts Payable indicate Hold check for pick up” on the invoice communication. If the vendor is directly submitting the invoice, make your request to Accounts Payable via E-mail.

To obtain permission, send an E-mail to ( Include: the “I” number from the PO Invoice, the name of the payee, the amount of the payment and a brief reason for picking up the check. You will receive a reply to your E-mail. If approved, we will call you when your check is ready. UNM ID will be required.

All invoice documents paid through Accounts Payable in the Lobomart system are available for viewing in Lobomart. Log into Lobomart and search for the invoice number. The invoice will be attached either to the invoice or the purchase order.

All invoices paid through Accounts Payable in the Banner system are available for viewing using Web Xtender. For information on how to access Web Xtender, click here.

We strive to have documents scanned into Web Xtender within 48 hours of receiving the paper copy in Accounts Payable. However, when receiving large volumes of documents, it may take up to a week before your document is available for viewing online.

For assistance with Banner related issues, visit the UNM Fast-Info Knowledge Base to see if your question has already been asked and answered. You can search the database to see if a similar question has already been posted.
Yes, AP will send checks for next business day delivery via UPS and allocate the charges to your department. To have a check sent express mail send an E-mail to Accounts Payable instructing AP to express mail the payment and providing the index and account to charge. When using a Chrome River Expense Report you must check the box "Select for Special Handling", then from the dropdown choose "Check Pickup Request". If you are submitting an invoice to AP mark “Express Mail” on the invoice. Payments not flagged for special payment are automatically sent regular mail.

The documents associated with this transaction will be scanned and viewable online in Banner within 48 hours. To view these documents:

  • Logon to Banner (you must have security to access Banner).
  • From the General Menu screen, type FOIDOCH (enter) in the Go To Box. This takes you to the Document History Form.
  • In the "Doc Type" field type CHK then (tab) to the next field.
  • In the "Doc Code" field: 
    • If paid by check:   type the seven digit check number starting with 3; for example:  3123456 
    • If paid by direct deposit: type the seven-digit direct deposit number starting with an exclamation point; for example !123456. This number can be found on the Direct Deposit Advice e-mailed to you from
    • From the toolbar select the Next Block icon (or Ctrl + Page Down). Highlight the Invoice Number in the Invoice Block by mouse-clicking on the Invoice Number. From the toolbar select the XS Icon (to the left of the XS icon with the red arrow). This launches WebXtender. Double click on the Banner Invoice number. This opens the scanned documents. To print the scanned image page-by-page, click the printer icon on the toolbar. To print the entire document, close the window with the scanned documents.
      • Launch WebXtender by clicking on the XS Icon on the Toolbar.
      • Click in the checkbox to the left of the Document ID field.  The box should now have a check mark.
      • Select "Options/Print Selected Items" on the Toolbar.
      • Select "No" in the AppXtender Web Access pop up box asking "Would you like to view print log?
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